MCEdit Unified for Java 1.12 and Bedrock

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Jan 24, 2017


  • Added version specific definition files for MC v1.11.2.
  • Added a debug mode for MCPE worlds. (Use the --debug-pe CLI option to enable this mode.)
  • Added basic definition files for Pocket Edition and more PE entities data.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a waypoint bug when no default player found.
  • Fixed a rare issue in the Decliff filter.
  • Fixed a bug in the Create Shops filter which prevented it from working in MC v1.11.2 worlds.
  • Fixed Camera rotating after right-click is released.


  • Changed versioned definition methods to be able to 'chain load' files.
  • Switched to a new dynamic version for dealing with transparent blocks.
  • Switched to a new method of creating chunks. This should fix a lot of chunk generation errors.
  • Limited player cache refresh to four attempts when encountering certain connection issues.
  • Split blockstate handling for PC and PE.
  • The Update Filter button and feature has been removed.


  • Mac OS X 64bit MD5 Hash - 8952c169f7e51d3ff2e7ce1de0dd312b
  • Windows 32bit MD5 Hash - d9d90eaaedf80019bd8ccb01366ad412
  • Windows 64bit MD5 Hash - b0a6b5353c48ae043d16fc7fc3dcc4c4
  • Linux MD5 Hash - 239be01f629ff87992098967503f3d7b

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Dec 24, 2016


  • Added ability for filters to use the file chooser to load/save files and disable error notifications
  • Added basic minecraft version detection

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashes when hovering over a spawner containing invalid entity data
  • Fixed crashes when adding NBT TAG_List
  • Fixed various issues concerning entities in MC 1.11 (Paintings, Item Frames, etc)
  • Fixed bug concerning BO2 files making them not importable and MCEdit crashing
  • Fixed missing NBT tag decleration in the nbt explorer
  • Fixed ZipSchematic has no attribute 'materials' error when converting worlds
  • Fixed rare waypoint issue causing some worlds to not open properly
  • Fixed create shop filter not functioning properly under 1.11
  • Added a couple missing pocket definitions


  • Mouse is no longer captured behind dialog boxes. (From Nomadictype)
  • Added exception handling to splash file saving process
  • Reworked spawner creation and handling


  • Mac OS X 64bit MD5 Hash - 4b3fb4304697a5632ba4675e99e38874
  • Windows 32bit MD5 Hash - 3d5b9bb6cbc427501e844eee0ed6ea06
  • Windows 64bit MD5 Hash - 96bd2d08ff5f2d757426378cc00589ae
  • Linux MD5 Hash - 5a12e52d37251eb14ecefcc1cd9e78d8

Sep 4, 2016


  • Schematics can once again be opened like worlds.
  • Fixed schematics files not appearing in file choosers even with the 'Level and Schematics' filter selected.


  • Mac OS X 64bit MD5 Hash - a93a62d2f0d9213b51bd9d33f21e7b63
  • Windows 32bit MD5 Hash - 2a5e679a046e88f6d8620ac8e74472c9
  • Windows 64bit MD5 Hash - 5a775fded30e8b7d7616a4ad656e33cc
  • Linux MD5 hash - 612f677445c22126bb08d22442b4c90d